Halo Wars 2 first patch is nearly 10GB

Halo Wars 2 hasn't been the most well received of games, but it's a solid enough RTS that it should occupy a few gamers' time before the next big release in a more established franchise. In the mean time though, a number of players have found that the game's performance hasn't been particularly great, which is why 343 Industries and Creative Assembly have released a patch to fix that.

The strange part though, is that it's nearly 10GB in size.

Traditionally large patches and updates are because of textures. Higher resolution textures require masses of storage space. Fallout 4's recent 4K texture update was nearly 70GB.

Looking at the patch notes that PCGamesN has listed, they are almost entirely code fixes to improve performance. While it isn't detailed, it's possible that 343 has included some lower resolution models and textures, which could be loaded on lower power systems. There are also a few mentions of improved and added audio, which could have added a few megabytes to the overall total.

Mostly though, it's just one long list of bug fixes. While it's impressive that such a big patch has been rolled out so soon after launch, it's surprising to see so many bugs in the game at all.

How have you guys been getting on with Halo Wars 2?

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