HTC Vive release pushed until April 2016

HTC Vive release pushed until April 2016

Virtual reality fans are hanging their heads a little this morning, as HTC had presented itself as the young upstart that was going to rush out some high-quality, commercial grade virtual reality headsets before Christmas. That's no longer happening however, as its release has been pushed to 2016.

This was announced yesterday at a joint event between Nvidia and HTC, where HTC unveiled that it would not only be releasing the Vive later than expected, but that it would be making 7,000 more, new-generation developer kits available to those that want to make content for when the device releases.

This has prompted many to wonder if the reason the Vive was pushed back was because there simply isn't enough to do on it right now. Considering the Vive was only announced earlier this year and the developer kits have only been out in the wild for a few months, it would make sense that some games just aren't ready yet and won't be for any impending release.

So it's been pushed back.

The new developer kit may have improved hardware however and will be shown off at CES next year. From there we'll likely get a better idea of the release Windows for commercial VR hardware as Oculus is expected to detail further its plans in the coming few weeks.