Ignorance is Bliss?

Ignorance is Bliss?

Are you one of the many? Does the most common reply you get in a forum read something like this?
"Stop asking these questions. You obviously can't tell your AGP from your PGP, hang a pretty picture on your monitor put your cup in the CD-Rom tray and get a typewriter..."
If you are and if you get a weird, almost perverse kick out of being constantly heckled and harassed out of every corner of the net then this story is for you.

British PC manufacturer Novatech issued a questionnaire asking their customers for their most embarassing or funny PC moments. Except for the priceless moments the poll also revealed that 25% of users admitted physically attacking their computers at one time or another! Here are some of the best stories:

A computer programmer turned on his machine with three new clients present only to discover that his pals had downloaded a sound greeting which announced in a booming voice: "Hey, over here everyone, I'm looking at porn! Woo Hoo! Porn! Porn over here!"

A novice employee arrived for her first day at work in a huge office and ran into trouble with her computer. After an hour, a passing IT worker asked her what was wrong and she snapped: "Well I pressed the f1 button marked 'help' ages ago but nobody came."

A new computer user tried to operate the mouse with her foot - she thought it was similar to the pedal used on an electric sewing machine.

Or what about the computer operator who got his tie caught in the CD drawer - and then banged his head on the screen as the drawer closed.

One hapless man wrongly sent an email confirming his wife's Anne Summers saucy underwear order - to HER MOTHER.

Another fun-loving office worker photocopied his ass and intended to email it to a pal for a joke - but accidentally sent it to his BOSS.

You can read the full list of blunders at the novatech site.