Just Cause 2 MP hits Steam tonight

If like me you've been keeping an eye on the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod but have yet to have a try of it, today is your lucky day as in just a few short hours, the mod hits Steam with its official release.

Over the past week or so there's been an extended testing period to iron out the last of the major bugs, stabilize the servers and really stress test them with decent numbers of players and clearly everything went to plan, as the official release is now happening.

the JC2 MP mod is a complete conversion for the original single player sandbox, taking the island based, third person shooter/adventure title and turning it into a huge, open world multi-player experience. Supporting hundreds of players in individual instances and thousands across each island/server, the game lets you take part in races (skydiving, jet skis, cars and more) along with just causing havok for everyone else on the island.

The grappling hook is especially ludicrous/hilarious, as you can grab onto anything if you catch the angle right.

It's what GTA Online should really have been.

You'll need the original Just Cause 2 on Steam in order to take advantage of the mod, but you should be able to download the latter for free in the next few hours.

Watch the video below for some great examples of the ridiculousness and awesomeness that is JC2 MP.

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