Kerbal Space Program 2 will have competitive and cooperative multiplayer

Kerbal Space Program 2 will have competitive and cooperative multiplayer

Star Theory Games has released new details about its in-development space sandbox, Kerbal Space Program 2, detailing how the multiplayer mode will allow for both cooperative and competitive play, reimagining the space race for a new, green homeworld. Players will be able to work under the same banner if they want to democratise the stars, but if they want a cold war-style race to them, then that's more than doable.

"Multiplayer introduces the concept of agencies, so you can work alongside friends within a single agency contributing to a single space program in a way that's cooperative," Creative Director Nate Simpson said in a statement. "You can also play competitively between agencies, each of which is located at a different location on Kerbin. With multi-agency play you can have space races. We're excited to see all the new types of gameplay that emerge from multiplayer."

It's not clear yet how this will be handled, and there are several ways it could go. There could be a KSP 1-like mutliplayer, where unofficial mods made it possible for a few players to coexist in the same universe, but not interact anywhere near the planet, or a persistent MMO-like universe where many players can congregate, share and compete, or even a drop-in-drop-out system, where craft and kerbals can pop in and out of your game world as you see fit.

For many though, simply being able to build and fly rockets and space ships with their friends will be enough. How would you like KSP 2 multiplayer to pan out?

Look out for KSP 2 to hit Early Access in February 2023.