Lara Goes Episodic

Lara Goes Episodic Lara Goes Episodic Lara Goes Episodic Lara Goes Episodic

Ever wondered where the Tomb Raider series could go from here? Do you believe that it has become stale and boring?
Well according to Core designs people Tomb Raider the next generation for the Playstation 2 will change all that.
"We have spent eight months designing and writing the Lara Croft book, which features several different characters, levels, stories and adventures.
Players will buy the full original game from the shops and then we will offer new episodic instalments over the Internet via PlayStation 2. The game will pan out much like a soap opera, with new characters, levels and situations being introduced at regular intervals. Tomb Raider Next Gen will be an epic game." said a Core Design spokeswoman.

Lara a soap opera I think that's what every gamer dreams of, well let's wait before passing judgement.
Unfortunately no visuals of the game are yet available since it has a planned release of late 2001.