Limbo Makers Working On Crazier And Weirder Game

With no text, no speech and no colors beyond black and white, Limbo is one of the most unique games of recent but it is also one of the best and most downloaded digital games in 2010. Content on proving that they are not a one-hit-wonder, Playdead, the creators of Limbo are now working on "Project Two" which they claim is "more crazy" and "more weird" than Limbo.

Project Two will be "more crazy than Limbo, if you say that's crazy," Playdead founder Dino Patti said. "It's more weird in many ways."

Patti promised that the new game's color palette will be at least larger than that of 2B pencil. He also revealed that it will run on the Unity engine and that they are aiming for simultaneous multiplatform release.

"We are aiming to go as wide as possible," he said. "At this point it's hard to promise, because I don't know what consoles there will be or what deals. It went really well on XBLA. I'm really happy with those guys. But it also went really well on PlayStation."

Patti refused to reveal any more details about the game until a month before its release, explaining that "our production time is long, so we don't want to tire people out. I hate when big publishers show something one or two years before the launch."

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