Make sure you shut down Armored Core 6 before turning your PC off

Make sure you shut down Armored Core 6 before turning your PC off

PC save games have been disappearing from Armored Core 6, and FromSoftware thinks it may know what the problem is. FromSoftware is recommending that players close their Armored Core 6 game down fully before they attempt to put their PCs to sleep.

There isn’t a huge amount of information as to what’s causing this issue, and the sole source for the FromSoftware statement is a post from FromSoftware’s Japanese support account on X/Twitter. According to the post (and using X’s translate function) "save data is not saved properly under certain circumstances", and the culprit seems to be putting a computer to sleep before closing the game fully.

If you’re a desktop PC user, then you may be wondering who exactly this is a problem for. I can’t remember the last time I put my desktop PC to sleep at all, never mind with a game running. However, this is likely to be something of an issue for Steam Deck users, who are used to powering down their pocket PC between game sessions. Upsettingly, there’s no timetable for a bug fix release, though we have to hope it’ll be done soon.

It’s a rare moment of bad publicity for Armored Core 6, which has largely launched to great acclaim and with an otherwise large amount of polish. A game where you pit your giant robot against other giant robots is apparently a good fit with the Elden Ring developers, FromSoftware, and it’s been adopted en masse by a very willing following. Modders in particular have had a field day, spending the days after release creating mods that add San Andreas’ CJ to the game, amongst others.

It’s sad that one of the few bugs hitting Armored Core 6 ended up being such a game-breaking (or more literally: "game losing") one, but FromSoftware will likely have a fix out as soon as possible fixing the issue. For now though, make sure your Armored Core 6 game is as fully shut down as it can be if you plan on putting your PC to sleep. Or, maybe just shut your computer down instead.