Microsoft Staffers Getting LE White Xbox One


Microsoft employees look set to get some unique gaming hardware if the most recent Xbox One leak is true. According to a Reddit posting of a promotional image, those employees that work in Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment division and have been with the company since July 12th this year, will receive a white/silver limited edition Xbox One console on release day.

While the Kinect looks to remain black, the bundled controller will also come in the classic Xbox 360 white. Engraved in the console will be the phrase "I made this," followed by "Team Launch [something]" with the last word too small to make out in the image.

Along with the hardware, Microsoft employees will also receive a year's free access to Xbox Live - you'd have thought they'd all have that for free permanently anyway - and all "1P" games, which we'll take to mean all first party releases, as all single player games would be an odd choice.

Of course at this point this is all rumour as all we have to go on is the above image, but Microsoft does have a history of giving away limited edition hardware to its employees. What do you guys think? Is this a photoshop hoax, or will there be some jealous gamers on launch day?

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