Microsoft's New Xbox Reward System Gives you $$$


Microsoft has detailed its new Xbox reward system now that it's switched it all over to real money. It'll work mostly the same as before, but with a load of new reward options for buying games, referring friends or simply renewing your gold account membership.

You'll still be able earn cashback rebates on your XBL purchases if you get your gamer score up there, never fear, but performing other tasks will net you Microsoft credits too. When you've got enough of those (5,000) they're converted out to $5 credit on your account.

Don't worry though, you won't be earning 100 points here, 100 points there; you can earn a few thousand a time by doing a few simple things.

  • 3,000 for renewing your gold membership
  • 1,000 for referring a friend
  • 3,000 for completing a film and TV punchcard
  • Take a survey for another 250
  • Play a new game for 1,000

They aren't the only ways either, but you can find out the rest over at the Microsoft rewards page.

While these have only been introduced on the Xbox 360 for now, they will of course come into play when the Xbox One is released on the 22nd November later this year. It will also from that time on continue on the 360 too.

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