Mirror's Edge 2 Appears on Amazon Germany

Mirror's Edge 2

A sequel to Mirror's Edge, one of the more unique first person titles of this console generation, is starting to look like more of a reality, thanks to a listing on the German version of Amazon. While the price tag seems ridiculously high at the moment, the appearance should give fans of the original the news they've been looking for.

The listing is for "Mirror's Edge 2," and it's said to be only compatible with the Xbox 360 at the moment. There's no real box art, save the game's logo on a black background with the usual Xbox coloring around the edge. As it stands, the price is listed at 99 euros ($127) which suggests this is just a placeholder.

If the listing doesn't get pulled for being an early leak, it's likely this will be corrected in the future to reflect a more realistic cost to the consumer.

Mirror's Edge 2, Ben Cousins of ngmoco Sweden, said that it was general knowledge in the developer scene that the game was in production.

The original free running title was far from a perfect game, with some clunky combat and gunplay mechanics, but the movement aspect of the game was something very unique.

It's certainly something I'd like to see a sequel to. What about the rest of you?