Multiplayer Killing Spree in VC

A mention in Eurogamer brought the efforts of the Multi Theft Auto team to our attenion and following a short multiplayer session we are sold on the MTA:VC mod.
Not satisfied with applying their genius to creating a multiplayer mod for GTA 3, the team focused on Vice City and their efforts have been finally rewarded with a very enjoyable multiplayer experience.

Although extremely addictive and interesting the GTA Vice City multiplayer client is buggy and not for those gamers that have been hand-reared by the big studios. If you enjoy a decent rampage through the murky depths of Vice City however, you will definitely love this.

Although installation is fairly simple and straightforward, make sure you read and understand the extensive FAQ on the developer's web site, a link to which can be found by following the download tab.
Weighing in at 500 kb the MTA:VC client is a lot of pleasure from a very small package, enjoy.

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