N-Gage Gets First Mobile MMO Game

N-Gage Gets First Mobile MMO Game

Nokia, together with Sega, announced Pocket Kingdom: Own The World for the N-Gage game deck. Pocket Kingdom: Own The World is the world's first global massively multiplayer online mobile game, challenging gamers to build a mighty online empire while competing against challengers from around the world.

Set in a fantasy landscape, it is a game of combat, action and strategy. Send out armies to explore the Map of Ulgress, searching for treasure and new army recruits. Online, in the N-Gage Arena, gamers can encounter thousands of players from around the world, to compete against each other for spoils and glory - all competing to Own the World!

Pocket Kingdom: Own The World immerses gamers into a fantasy landscape where they can choose from over 400 castle configurations with more than 100 collectable units with which to do battle and over 50,000 collectable items to equip such units. Players can also buy and sell items through an online auction system to develop their kingdoms even further.

Through the N-Gage Arena, players can find worthy online opponents from around the world to compete against and build their experience. In addition, players can chat and instant message their friends, check their global rankings, read the latest Pocket Kingdom: Own The World news and more. Players will also have to challenge bosses that live in the N-Gage Arena and who guard the path to higher levels of play.

Pocket Kingdom: Own The World is expected to be available for the N-Gage platform in the third quarter of 2004. For further game details, including in-game screenshots, follow the download tab above.