Napster to become Snoopstar?

Napster to become Snoopstar?

BMG the recording company which joined Napster in an effort to create a workable formula of the popular program, has been holding discreet beta testing of a Napster clone dubbed Snoopstar, in view of Napster's imminent demise. According to testers Snoopstar offers a user friendly interface that works by allowing users to search for music, videos and other files downloaded from various file-sharing services that include Napster, Gnutella and iMesh.

Snoopstar, whose logo features a grinning dog's face similar to Napster's cat, was quietly made available for beta testing in early February. That beta test is now over.

"Bertelsmann is clearly looking for alternatives should Napster really have to close," said Paul Myers, founder of Wippit, a U.K.-based file-sharing service, "but I don't see any advantages Snoopstar would have for them."

Napster CEO Hank Barry told German trade newspaper Net-Business that he wasn't aware of Snoopstar, but that he understood Bertelsmann's interest in such a service. "There is a great chance that Napster will just be shut down," Barry said, according to the paper. A Napster spokeswoman said Monday that Barry wouldn't comment on Snoopstar. BeCG spokesman Alexander Adler said Snoopstar would not affect BeCG's support for Napster.

The domain was registered by Matthias Runte, an executive of BeCG, Bertelsmann's e-commerce subsidiary that signed a deal with Napster last year. Interestingly, Runte also registered the domain. According to Net-Business, BeCG owns 75 percent of, whose chief executive, Andreas Schmidt, is also CEO of BeCG.

Adler confirmed that Snoopstar is a Bertelsmann company, but called it "just a test project." He said the beta version of Snoopstar's technology was downloaded 1,000 times, but said "there are no further plans with Snoopstar." The company, however, posted want ads for software developers on German recruitment sites just three weeks ago.

Contrary to the principle of the peer-to-peer on which it capitalizes, Snoopstar's unified interface can be used only for searching on various services, not for offering one's own files for downloading. Beta testers of Snoopstar report that it included advertisements and links to Bertelsmann's retail music site CDNow, as well as to and BOL, if any given search for music turned up empty.