Netflix Original Arcade Game Is Available For Free

Netflix has created an endless runner game based on some of the most popular characters from its popular original shows: Narcos, Marco Polo, Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things.

Netflix has confirmed that the game is made by them, but it is currently being promoted on the network's Spanish and Indian social media accounts only. The game consists of 4 level, each with a protagonist and theme taken from one Netflix show. For example, the first level sees you run through the Columbian jungle as Pablo Escobar while the second level sees you jump hurdles in prison corridors as Piper Chapman.

The game is pretty basic by all means, you won't have a hard time finding several free-to-play games on Google Play or the App Store that are much more polished. Nonetheless, if you're in for some quick fun, you can play the game at the Flix Arcade.

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