Netscape 6.01 released


Netscape has been at the forefront of the Internet industry from the very beginning. The latest innovation from Netscape is the new Netscape 6. Combining browsing, e-mail and instant messaging into one easy to use software package, Netscape 6 offers unmatched convenience features and the ability to stay connected to important information, while offering the flexibility to customize the browser to fit individual needs and personalities.

[[Instant Messaging]]

Instant messaging is the third 'killer app' on the Internet, after browsing and e-mail. Netscape 6 is the first Internet software suite to seamlessly combine browsing, e-mail and instant messaging. You can easily communicate with friends and colleagues who use the popular AOL Instant Messenger service - all in an environment integrated throughout Netscape 6.

Netscape 6 is designed for Web-savvy users - people who know what they want out of their Internet experience. Netscape 6 offers a host of customization features so you can set it up exactly as you wish - from multiple e-mail accounts and bookmarks, to personalizing the tabs in My Sidebar, to deeply customizing the user interface with the Themes feature.

With Themes, you can deeply customize the look of Netscape 6 and all its components including Mail, Instant Messenger, and Composer by selecting a style and appearance that matches your personality or mood. You can pick the "classic" theme similar to the familiar Netscape Communicator interface or switch with the click of button to a new "modern" theme that Netscape ships as the default look. Or you can choose from among the many new themes that developers and companies are creating to fit your individual styles and brands.

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