New AMD Ryzen performance and pricing info surfaces

If like us you are eagerly awaiting the launch fo AMD's Ryzen CPUs, then you'll be pleased to hear the leaked performance numbers continue to show the top of the line chips as real powerhouses and though they won't be cheap, they don't come close to the price of top Intel hardware.

The results for the test come from PassMark and show AMD's eight core, 16 thread Ryzen CPU offering more than a 50 percent improvement over an AMD FX-8370 in the CPU Mark test, beating out the likes of the Intel Core i6-7600K, the i7-7700K and even better performance than the i7-5930K.

The only processor to beat it was the Intel i7-5960x, but that chip costs well over $1,000 and the most we've heard AMD's upcoming Ryzen CPUs will cost is $500. If true, this paints a very rosy picture for AMD's March launch of the new CPU hardware.

Integer Math test goes even more in AMD's favour, showing it beating absolutely everything, including the uber-expensive Intel chip and by more than 20 percent too. It did the same in floating point math too, though not by as much of a margin.

While not all tests go in AMD's favour, it is competitive in all and is said to only be operating at 3.4GHz. The top of the line Ryzen CPUs are said to Turbo clock their way up to as much as 4GHz and maybe even further using the XFR automated overclocking system. If true, AMD's Ryzen could potentially blow everything out of the water and undercut everything on price.

This all seems rather optimistic, but as we get closer to the release of Ryzen hardware, it's looking more and more like AMD has a slam dunk on its hands.

[Thanks PCGamer]

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