New Unreal Engine 4 Graphics Demo In The Wild


Epic Games has released the trailer for its next-gen game engine, Unreal Engine 4.0, showing a little more than the previous tech demo we saw back in 2012. This one features something more akin to in-game footage, though it's clearly had a few cinematic camera angles and effects added - there are also suggestions that the skybox is a static painting.

However, that aside, this is a very pretty looking piece of tech. We see a dreadlocked individual sporting a Army of Two style facemask and dressed up like solid snake, infiltrating a facility that does something. Makes robots probably. When he's discovered he escapes, but not before the facility is "shut down," by those in charge, which causes millions in damages.

Once our hero escapes, he faces down a large, flying machine that looks like something right out of the Matrix, before the logo hits us in the face.

What's interesting about watching tech demos like this, is you find yourself trying to find something wrong with it so you can tell it is still a game demo and not something pre-rendered. There's a few hiccups here and there but overall this is a great looking engine and I'm really excited to see kind of games come out of it.

Of course one of the big considerations though is whether our PCs will be able to run it. Anyone with a setup that's a few years old will be quivering in their boots and unfortunately, yes if you still have an Nvidia 4 series, you'll probably need to invest a few hundred bucks. However, this doesn't require some sort of Titan like GPU in order to chug along. According to Marc Rein on his Twitter, this only required a single GTX 680 to run.

We can handle that I think.

What do you guys think of the video?