Next New World Open Beta launches on September 9-12

If you're keen to try out Amazon's upcoming MMO, New World, you'll get a new chance to starting September 9 and running through September 12, when Amazon Games will be running its next open beta test. This will be the last chance to try the game ahead of its planned September 28th launch, and all you need to do to take part is request access via the game's Steam page.

New World is Amazon's gorgeous-looking, expansive, and incredibly ambitious MMO project that will offer an extremely wide, broad, and deep world to explore, fight in, fight over, and build on. It is enormous, and features both an expansive PvE and PvP experience. It's been relatively well received so far, but is still largely unproven. It blends guns, swords, and magic together in an intriguing sense of technology and time, and is designed with emergent gameplay in mind, letting players take the game's meta social and economical systems in whatever direction they choose. It also features Twitch integration with broadcaster-led events, achievements, and rewards.

The question is, can it deliver on all of these grandiose aims? Amazon has had miss after miss with even some relatively big launches in the past couple of years. New World its its most ambitious game yet and is arguably one of the most ambitious ever.

Do you think it'll prove successful? Try it out for free on September 9 through 12.

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