nForce 2 IGP Beats Most nVidia Products

According to nVidia, the nForce 2 IGP (Integrated Graphics Processor) is faster than 90 per cent of what nVidia has currently available. Considering that the hype around the upcoming chipset is reaching its peak, such statements are to be expected since they sensationalize the obvious.
nForce2 is based on the Geforce 4 MX 420 while 90 per cent of the sales of nVidia are based on the various forms of Geforce 2 MX, as well as the TNT 2 and TNT.
Even more interesting to note is that high-end chips, i.e. Geforce 4 TI 4600, account for a mere 2 per cent of nVidia's total sales.
Nonetheless, the nForce2 venture has not yet seen the light of, retail, day and no conclusions may be drawn about the product. It remains however, the best bet for getting a balanced solution for most computing needs. So whether facts have been distorted in order to present a rosier picture of the product, or not, it is likely that nForce2 will present a useful and convenient solution for the consumer and for the system builder.
If you are interested in the official synopsis of the product, here you go:

Designed to bring new levels of functionality and performance to business, gaming, and digital media PC platforms, nForce2 offers a broad range of configuration options based on two architectures: graphics motherboards and performance motherboards. nForce2-based graphics motherboards harness the power of AMD Athlon XP+ processors and nVidia's award-winning GeForce4 MX external add-in cards and incorporate them with the system, memory, and digital media features found only in nForce2-based advanced motherboard solutions. Performance motherboards offer the same awesome system and memory performance, and allow system builders to offer customized external graphics configurations harnessing the power of fast 8X AGP bus technology and today's fastest memory technologies, including DDR400 and DDR333 modules.

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