Nintendo DS Attracting Developers

Nintendo DS Attracting Developers

It would seem that Nintendo's upcoming dual-screen hand-held innovation, code-named Nintendo DS, has managed to gain the industry's attention and to appeal to the creative side of game developers who seem to be getting on-board Nintendo's project in great numbers.

To date, more than 100 companies worldwide have received software development kits and are planning games for Nintendo DS, which for the first time offers gamers two separate perspectives on the action. Companies include THQ, Electronic Arts, Activision, Atari, Ubisoft, Majesco, Capcom, Sega, Konami, Hudson Soft, Namco, Bandai, Koei and Square Enix, to name a few.

Nintendo DS will attempt to convince gamers to change how they approach, perceive and enjoy video games and at the same time include additional options in order to enhance the game-play experience.

In effect, thanks to the success of the wildly popular Game Boy franchise, Nintendo owns the current hand-held video game market: The Game Boy line has sold more than 168 million units worldwide during the past 15 years. And with the introduction of the DS, Nintendo's dominance may well continue in the future.

The Nintendo DS will be unveiled at the 2004 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), May 12 to May 14 in Los Angeles. The Nintendo DS remains on track to launch before the end of the year.