Nintendo Switch will have themed skins, fighting stick controller

Although details about the Nintendo Switch are still a little light, we are learning more and more in the lead up to its big unveil in Tokyo this Friday. This latest update is a leak about accessories currently in development by game accessory company Hori. It looks to be working on some extras for the upcoming Switch console, which give us some hints about what we can expect from its starting line up of games.

The first accessory is a skin for the system built around Zelda Breath of the Wild. There were already rumors that that game would be a launch title for the Switch, simultaneously launching on the Wii U too. The game has been in development for many years, so using it as a way to draw in interest with the launch of a new system wouldn't be a bad plan.

Next up is a fight stick controller that offers a typical arcade stick, eight command buttons and an extra for additional function. That suggests that the Switch will be getting a fighting game in its launch line up, though what remains to be seen.

A new Smash Bros would make headlines, but more likely it's something from a third party. Perhaps a Soul Calibur or Pokken Tournament? (thanks Ars).

There's also a snap of what looks like a Switch carry case, potentially for cartridges - as we heard that this system is going back to that style of physical game.

Other accessories dug up by NeoGAF include an Ethernet adaptor, cigarette lighter charging port, screen protectors and a pro-style controller.

Although technically unconfirmed, Let's Play editor Laura Kate Dale has confirmed it is real, so we could well be looking at some of the earliest accessories for the Switch.

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