No Mod Support For DOOM. Use SnapMap Instead

Id Software has always been a proponent of game modding. Nearly all Id Software since the original DOOM had built-in mod support but the upcoming DOOM reboot will be a little different in that regard.

Instead of opening the game wide open for mod makers, Carmack and the team decided to develop a Minecraft-like editing tool that can be used by simple players and veteran mod makers alike.

The tool, dubbed SnapMap, is designed to be accessible to novice players while giving seasoned mod makers the ability to modify all aspects of the game. "It takes the idea of what was a really vibrant mod community around Doom, and puts all of the Lego pieces that we have right in their hands using a completely custom-built editor that is easy enough for somebody who's never created anything before, and has no special expertise, to use and be really successful with, or have someone who is a very experienced mod maker to make something very compelling, " said Doom game director, Marty Stratton.

Fingers crossed Id Software will be able to deliver on its promises.

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