No Unreal Engine 4 For Wii U?

No Unreal Engine 4 For Wii U?

Epic has confirmed that its current gen Unreal Engine 3 will expand to support Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U before its official launch, but it seems that this might not be true for the newer versions of the engine.

The news comes from video games journalist Geoff Keighley who revealed that he was told by Epic Games president Mike Capps that Unreal Engine 4 won’t support Wii U.

If this turned out to be true, it might strike a serious blow to the new console. Unreal Engine is usually used in AAA titles and missing out on it means that Wii U would miss out several (if not most) cross-platform blockbusters that would be available on its next gen competitors.

Epic Game refused to deny or confirm the news, stating that it "has not confirmed platforms for Unreal Engine 4 beyond PC."

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