NVidia Loves Intel

The latest version of, unofficially released, Nvidia drivers have had a grand impact on the performance of the Pentium 4 processor. Some users have reported an up to 90% increase.

More specific results claim a 90% performance increase in business applications under OpenGL (using SpecViewPerf to benchmark) with a Pentium 4 CPU. Game performance however, was not reported to show any change.

Such changes are to be expected since the lack of optimization for the Pentium 4 processor has been stressed again and again.

Nvidia had also made an announcement, at the GeForce 3 launch that they were planning to offer two sets of optimized drivers covering both Pentium and Athlon processors. It could be that these leaked drivers are early versions of the pentium optimized set.

The reported results were gained by using the 12.00 version of the drivers. Since then version 12.10 was also leaked. We are offering both for download so let us know how your pc does with the newer version.

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