nVidia nForce UDP v2.00 and Detonator 40.72

nVidia have released the latest nForce 2 Unified Drivers for motherboards carrying the nFORCE chipset and running Windows XP. They also released the latest detonator drivers, version 40.72 for Win 2k and XP,

nForce UDP v2.00

-First full unified package for nForce and nForce2
-Full localizations for all languages
-Fixes audio DirectX BSOD issue on Windows XP systems
-Adds ASIO driver support
-Adds OpenAL driver support
-Updated nForce Audio control panel
-Incorporates performance improvements and other bug fixes


-Windows XP users must install Service Pack 1 prior to attempting to install this package. Failure to do so will result in the inability to support USB 2.0 and NVIDIA IDE drivers.
-Audio drivers will not install on the following nForce2 products: ASUS A7N8X and Chaintech 7NJS. Please use the drivers that come with these products to enable audio functionality.
-USB keyboards and/or mice will be disabled during the installation of this package.
-Please connect PS2 devices before starting the installation process.

Detonator 40.72

-Up to a 25% increase in performance
-nView 2.0 multi-display technology increases productivity and provides the necessary tools to control the way users access and view applications.
-NVRotate enabling image rotation on today's advanced flat panel displays.
-NVKeystone allows for real-time image correction on portable projectors and heads-up displays.
-Digital Vibrance Control allows users to adjust color controls to achieve accurate, bright colors under all conditions.
-New control panel streamlines user interface and enables faster and easier access to all video settings
-Robust Channels enables higher faster performance and better stability for all applications through fail-safe paths in the drivers
-CineFX Simulator allows developers to use Cg-"C for graphics"-to write complex shaders in a high level language faster and more easily than before.
-NVIDIA's patented Unified Driver Architecture (UDA) - supports all products in a single driver binary.

Follow the download tab above to reach the driver links.

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