Nvidia's RTX 30 refresh will add crypto limiters to everything

Amidst the supply issues facing all graphics cards, Nvidia is set to update the design of its RTX 3000 series, bringing the hash rate limiter to all the cards, expanding from the current line of limiters that are only part of the RTX 3060 and upcoming RTX 3080 Ti.

This new hash limiter is now accompanied by the Lite Hash Rate label, and is intended to encourage third-party manufacturers to support the scheme, hoping to get at least some greater volume of graphics cards into the hands of gamers. The RTX 3000 series has been marred by supply and "demand issues" since they were released, and today they are almost impossible to find at a fair price — cryptocurrency miners being willing to pay over retail for them doesn't help matters.

Nvidia is hoping that this move will also push miners towards its new mining focused cards, which offer better hash rates at reduced power draw, but at an increased price.

All of the new cards under the Lite Hash Rate brand will have a new chip serial number, but performance will be identical, and drivers and feature releases will be exactly the same for cards with and without it. Videocardz claim that this new range will include all of Nvidia's new generation Ampere graphics cards, though notably not the top-tier RTX 3090.

All of the new cards will release simultaneously in Q2 this, with some hope that the drop of new GPUs will provide a sudden influx of supply and help bring down prices to less extreme levels.

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