Oculus Rift Could Pave the way for Erotic VR Games

Wicked Paradise

We've seen it in the movies, whether it's Michael Rapaport's virtual girlfeiend in The 6th day, the hologram strippers in Minority Report or indeed, Krieger's anime wife in Archer, virtual reality sex and digital girlfriends, are something that we've seen and heard about as a potential future tech for a long time. Japanese dating games aside, we could be starting to see the first real forays into this idea, with the Oculus Rift leading the way.

The game in question is called Wicked Paradise and it is designed to offer an episodic erotic experience for adults, using the Oculus Rift headset as its VR interface.

Detailed by the developers in a new interview with PCGamesN, it's explained that while there has been some male interest, it's actually the women that find out about the "game" that are most interested.

The idea behind Wicked Paradise isn't just some sort of sex-sim. It's being designed as an episodic adventure game. One developer describes it as a bit like The Walking Dead, which is great if you're talking business model, horrible if you're talking about content.

Of course with a title like this, you need realism and Walking Dead is hardly known for that, with its comic book visual style. Fortunately, you need not fret, as this game is being put together by people that worked on games like Rage, Call of Duty, Lost Planet and PlanetSide 2.

So they know how to make a good pair of boobs. Presumably.

Wicked Paradise is currently penciled in for release in early 2014. Would this be the kind of game you guys would get?

Wicked Paradise Animation Test from Wicked Paradise on Vimeo.