OpenGL 3.0 Released. Game Developers Disappointed

After long wait, OpenGL 3.0 has finally been released today.

The official Khronos Group press release cites "strong industry support to bring significant new functionality to the open, cross-platform standard for 3D graphics acceleration", but, as far as we can tell from our discussions with several game programmers, this isn't the case among the game developing community.

Khronos Group promised to overhaul the OpenGL API (Application Program Interface, the way programmers interact with OpenGL) but they didn't. A lot of game developers believe that this was done to please CAD developers who don't want break their 10 years old code.

"It should have been called OpenGL 2.3, not 3.0", a game developer who asked to remain anonymous told us. "As far as I am concerned, this is just a minor update."

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