Original US Army FSW Unlocked

Original US Army FSW Unlocked Original US Army FSW Unlocked Original US Army FSW Unlocked Original US Army FSW Unlocked

It seems that Pandemic did a good job of keeping a few surprises in Full Spectrum Warrior a secret. Intrepid gamers however, wasted no time in revealing the full features included with the game, the most of interesting of which is the existence of the original U.S. Army training version of the game.

According to those who have played the game, the original version becomes available to players once they complete in both Normal and Authentic modes. The Army mode of FSW, discovered by an eager gamer with a modded xbox and the Avalaunch file manager, is reported as having more enemies, more civilians and a more demanding difficulty level.

Just to get gamers in the spirit of the Army mode though, Pandemic have included a disclaimer which reads The following is created for, and intended to be used solely as a training tool for the United States Army -- and only for this purpose. The creators of this tool cannot be held accountable for any issues pertaining to functionality, performance, or compliance with standard conventions of usability found in videogames. Any anomalies encountered throughout the course of use are entirely a product of the User's own volition.

Even so, the concept of using the same tool as the U.S. Army will attract a great many gamers and for those who do not wish to invest the time and effort to complete the game, twice, there is an easier route. To unlock the Army training version, with all the extras mentioned above, just enter the following code at the code input screen under options: ha2p1py9tur5tle

A selection of images from this mode is available by following the Screens tab above.