Palmer Luckey doesn't think Project Morpheus can compete with Oculus

Palmer Luckey, founder and head of Oculus VR and one of the youngest multi-(hundreds)millionaires in the world, has been speaking about the future of his hardware in a few interviews lately, but while chatting with Kotaku, he was also asked about Sony's project Morpheus and though he pulled his punches a little, he wasn't confident that it could work as a technology, mostly because of the PS4's graphical limitations.

"The Morpheus as it exists today is really pushing the limits of the PS4. And it's still not as good as DK2," he said. "So as time goes on and the hardware gets better - PC hardware will get better, VR hardware will get better, resolution will go up, framerate will go up - and the PS4 will remain the same power as it is today. That's true for any console. So even if they make a really great product today I think it's going to have a hard time staying relevant in the virtual reality landscape as time goes on. Five years from now we’ll probably be on our second, third generation product and it'll most likely be something... the PS4 could never even thrive."

He also called Morpheus a "side-project," for Sony, something to make it stand out from the Xbox One, rather than a viable product.

Luckey has a point too. Currently the PS4 struggles to handle 60 frames per second at 1080p (although it does a better job than Microsoft's console). The problem with that, is that you need at least 60 FPS to not induce nausea in virtual reality and, it's speculated that 4k and above resolutions will be necessary for truly immersive VR, which the PS4 could never hope to handle.

It will be interesting to see if Sony continues pushing development forward, or if it peters off in years to come.

What do you guys think Sony will do about the upcoming problems it will have with VR?

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