PES 4 Online On PC XBox Next Week

PES 4 Online On PC XBox Next Week PES 4 Online On PC XBox Next Week

Following the phenomenal success of the PlayStation 2 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 4, Konami of Europe will be unleashing the game for the Xbox and on PC-DVD on November 19 across Europe - with both versions boasting fully competitive online gameplay. In a move which is likely to please football fans all over the world Konami decided not to wait as long as it did last time to port the game to PC and XBox. Building on the very good PS2 sales, Konami feels confident enough that the title will perform optimally across all platforms.

The move online comes as an answer to persistant requests from fans of the PES series. The Xbox version of the game will use the Microsoft Xbox Live service to facilitate full online matches allowing for one-against-one matches pitting Pro Evolution Soccer 4 fans all over the globe against each other. Similarly, the PC-DVD version of the game will support LAN network play and online play via TCP/IP connections, again allowing one-against-one matches with a hooked up opponent.

Both versions are highly anticipated, and are key to Konami of Europe's plans to take its legendary football series forward. Other new additions to the series include club teams from Italy, Spain and Holland under official license from them, and all-new gameplay mechanics, including new free kicks, improved player AI, and more individuality to the way players move and control the ball. Pro Evolution Soccer 4 also features an on-screen referee for the first time, and will step in to break up fracas during heated matches.

With the PlayStation 2 version rightly acknowledged as the most realistic and intuitive football game for any system, Konami of Europe is delighted to be able to introduce Pro Evolution Soccer 4 to an even wider audience of fans, and for those fans to be able to spread the word via online play, commented Martin Schneider, Marketing Director for Konami of Europe.