Phantom Lapboard Finds Manufacturer

Phantom Lapboard Finds Manufacturer

Infinium Labs, has entered into an agreement with Chicony, a manufacturer and marketer in input devices such as keyboards and PC cameras, to build a custom combination keyboard/mouse peripheral that will ship with Infinium's flagship Phantom Gaming Service.

The device, dubbed the Phantom Lapboard, is an extremely innovative peripheral that enables players to control games designed for keyboard and mouse usage with as much agility as they are used to in the office, from the comfort of the couch or easy chair. The lapboard was designed by Infinium's engineering team based in Seattle, Wash.

Chicony, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, will build the lapboard and mouse at its mass production base in China. The company, which maintains more than 20 offices worldwide, manufactures a wide range of input devices, including keyboards and power supplies, as well as digital image products like PC cameras an digital cameras.

Saitek and BIOSTAR are manufacturing the Phantom gamepad and receiver, respectively.

The Phantom Gaming Service, the first end-to-end, on-demand game distribution service, will give owners access to a compelling library of titles available any time, day or night, in the comfort of their home. The Phantom hardware, including the Chicony lapboard and mouse, plus a gamepad and receiver, will be free of charge to consumers who sign a two-year contract for a basic subscription to the online gaming service at USD 29.95 per month.