PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now the most popular Steam game

Playerunknown's BattleGrounds, the sandbox battle royale title, has now officially become the most popular game on Steam. After just six months since its release on Steam Early Access, the game has passed all of the biggest games on the platform, dominating the likes of Team Fortress 2, H1Z1, CS:GO and most recently DotA itself, making it the most played game on the platform.

Battlegrounds has proved to be a monumental success story. Its creator, the eponymous PlayerUnknown, known in the real world as Brendan Greene, never expected it to be as beloved as it has become, especially in such a short period of time. The game recently sold its 10 millionth copy and that's lead it to have current player numbers as high as 600,000 at the time of writing, despite the early hour in U.S. territories. At its peak in the last 24 hours it hit more than 1.1 million concurrent players, a 50 percent increase over DotA 2's dominance.

All of this despite the fact that Battlegrounds recently courted controversy over its problematic loot crate system, which despite pushing all the profits from to tournaments and charities, the develo0per, Bluehole, did say would not take place until the game was officially released. PlayerUnknown explained that the system was merely to test the one that would be implemented when the game left Early Access at some point in the future, but that hasn't stopped some review bombing on Steam.

But that, in turn, hasn't stopped the game from selling and selling well. It has, however, lead to some not playing properly. AFK gamers entering games and then doing nothing just to unlock skins and other crate items is an ongoing problem that will need to be solved.

But at least Bluehole has the funds to do it.

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