PlayStation 4 Launch Haunted By Blue Light Of Death

Looks like Sony was careful not to repeat PS3's launch mistakes with PS4, but not enough not to repeat Microsoft's ones.

Eight years ago, Xbox 360 launch was highly successful except for the Red Light of Death (RROD) problem which caused thousands of units to overheat and malfunction. Ironically enough, this time around, it's Sony's console that's suffering from a similar plague.

A lot of PlayStation 4 owners are reporting problems with their HDMI ports. In most cases, this causes the screen to flicker continuously but in some cases the console doesn't power up and shows only a pulsing blue light now known as the "Blue Light of Death" or BLOD.

Nearly one third of the 2000+ user reviews on Amazon are reporting one of the issues mentioned above. Twitter users have also created hash tag PS4broken to share their woes.

Adding insult to injury, users are reporting that Sony's support lines are clogged with users having to wait up to 5 (five) whole hours to reach a rep. Even more, it seems that Sony isn't replacing bricked consoles; instead, the company asks the user to send it to the nearest repair center to have it repaired and returned in 3 to 4 weeks.

Xbox One will launch next week. We can't wait to see what its light of death color would be.

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