PlayStation 4 Orbis Dev Kit And Controller Photo Leaked

A photo of PlayStation 4 dev kit and controller has made its way to the internet.

The photo was authenticated by our sources in the industry who confirmed that this is indeed a slightly outdated prototype of Orbis dev kit and controller.

As usual, the dev kit doesn’t look anything like the real console. However, the controller should be the real deal save for a few ergonomic modifications as its design gets enhanced according to testers’ feedback.

The controller doesn’t look that different from PlayStation 3’s Sixaxis controller with the addition of a touchpad at the center and a glowing bar at the top. If you didn’t figure it out yet, the glowing bar is probably an alternative to the PlayStation Move Wand’s Orb. Also, some sources hint that the touchpad at the center is a touchscreen. Either way, what do you think of the new analog sticks?

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