Pokémon Go's buddy system update now live in the U.S.

Pokémon Go's buddy system update now live in the U.S.

Pokémon Go's latest update has added the much awaited buddy system to the game, which makes it possible for you to select a certain Pokémon to come on journeys with you. When you walk around that Pokémon will accompany you and will earn you a single candy for their respective evolution chain every few kilometres.

For some people this will simply be useful for helping to evolve or power up specific Pokémon for which random discoveries or egg hatchings are rare - this will no doubt be very useful for those looking to build up their starter Pokémon too.

It's expected too that in the future this buddy Pokémon might be able to battle or take part in other competitive actions against other trainers while out and about.

This update was first detailed earlier this week, with certain testers reporting that it was coming soon and it looks like it has started to show up in the wild. Many U.S. users are reporting that the buddy update is life and Niantic appears to have cleared up a few bugs and added a few new Pokéstops too.

There's no word on when this update will reach new territories, but some have reported it appearing in Europe on iOS at the time of writing. Presumably we'll see the update appear on Android in the coming hours.