Prey 2 Countdown Is Over

The Alien Noire count down has finally reached its end.

Alien Noire website used to feature a countdown in alien language similar to the one used in Prey. The website was updated recently to include Prey 2 logo as well as its publisher Bethesda and developer Human Head Studios’ logos. Moreover, the message “Tommy needs your help with a stranded human who wants to go home,” was hidden in its source code.

Now that the countdown is over, it turned out that the website was actually made by fans who want to gather signatures on a petition asking Bethesda and Human Head Studio to put aside whatever reasons caused Prey 2 delay and release it as soon as possible.

“ Don’t let this game die a slow long death, because YOU couldn’t raise your hand to speak up. Don’t let this game become [an] entry on “The Greatest Games Never Released” vaporware list,” alien noire urged Prey 2 fans.

Interestingly, the petition starter claims that he has “seen the game first hand and it’s phenomenal.”

At the time of writing, the petition has had collected 764 signatures.

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