PS3 Production Launches - Update

PS3 Production Launches - Update PS3 Production Launches - Update

As we reported yesterday, Chinese newspapers have quoted reliable sources claiming that Sony's PS3 consoles are already rolling off the Asustek Computer assembly line.

Now, according to another Chinese newspaper, the Taipei Times this time, Asustek seems to be making those sources more reliable by claiming it is to sue those newspapers that reported on its PS3 production. It appears the computer component manufacturer believes the information revealed affects clients and investors so Sony may have had a word with them.

Officially however, Sony has simply stated that it has already confirmed that PS3 production was to begin this summer. Suddenly this story seems too well orchestrated for a random event and may have served as an I told you so by Sony to all the recent reports of Cell and Blu-Ray production problems.

Asustek Computer has begun shipping PlayStation 3 consoles to Sony and it is estimated that approximately 200 thousand units should have been delivered. The computer component producer should be able to ship a larger number of units next month.

According to the Chinese Apple Daily and Commercial Times newspapers, Asustek received the first shipment of 200 thousand PS3 component sets, the parts needed to assemble Sony's console, in June. The company has now begun delivery of the consoles to Sony, 200 thousand units is considered a small volume, and is expected to receive even more component sets this month. The same newspaper stories suggest that Asustek will receive over 1 million component sets in September and October.

Considering the recent reports regarding PS3 manufacturing woes, production will have to be stepped up if Sony is to meet its promise of 2 million units available at launch and a total of 6 million by March 2007.

Asustek will not be the only manufacturer of PS3s since Foxconn Electronics will also be manufacturing Sony's next-gen console. According to the newspaper reports however, the company will begin production when demand arises.

Sony will launch its PlayStation 3 console on November 11 2006 in Japan and on November 17 to the rest of the world.