PSP Downgrade Option Soon

PSP Downgrade Option Soon PSP Downgrade Option Soon

The good folks at WAB and PSP-Dev have just released a video of their new downgrader software in action. For those of you hooked on your homebrew apps for PSP that have kept well clear of Firmware v2.00 this might make your life easier.

For those of you not that involved with the fledgling PSP scene, WAB and PSP-Dev are two promising European groups that have joined forces to work on a Universal PSP Firmware Downgrader which, when ready, will be able to change your firmware from V2.00 back to V1.5x.

The ability to downgrade firmware at will, would allow PSP owners to use the new connectivity functionality introduced by V2.00 but also to have the option of running the various applications and games created by the newly formed PSP community. The video released is blurry and does not clearly demonstrate a firmware downgrade on a PSP but the community seems unanimous in its support of the two groups behind the video.

This news has increased the volume of calls from PSP owners to Sony to stop trying to block homebrew PSP software but it would seem that Sony is either putting up a fight or playing hard to get in order to make programmers feel challenged.