Quicktime 3D plug - in

Experience eye-grabbing, off-screen 3D at home for the first time! The OpticBOOM 3D Plug-in allows you the most realistic viewing experience possible. True stereo 3D images leap out towards you or draw you into the screen to make you feel like you are right in the middle of the action!

Short form content like music videos, animation clips and movie trailers come alive with the dynamic enhancement of the OpticBOOM 3D technology, even live web-casts can be viewed in stereo 3D! Versatile and reliable, the OpticBOOM Plug-in is fully compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. And, DDD's proprietary 3D encoding process keeps file sizes to a minimum for quick downloading times over narrowband and broadband connections.

The OpticBOOM Plug-in requires FREE OpticBOOM Eyeware.

How does the OpticBOOM technology work?
First, DDD uses a patented, automated 3D content creation process to create 3D data, which is then highly compressed and imbedded in a 2D image, creating a 2D/3D file that is only minimally larger than a regular 2D file. This file is then transmitted using a proprietary protocol and decoded by the OpticBOOM Plug-in, or other OpticBOOM 3D enabled product. Because both the 2D image and 3D data is transmitted, viewers can choose to watch the same content in either 2D or 3D, also known as "2D compatible 3D." The OpticBOOM technology produces both anaglyph and line-interlace stereo 3D images.

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