Rare Preview XBox Future

Rare Preview XBox Future

Fresh from the Microsoft buyout, Rare have revamped their site and have begun the process of informing gamers of what to expect.
What is more interesting than the new site, is the promotional trailer, hinting at the classic Rare characters which we should expect to see on the XBox in the near future.
The site also contains information on rare's first XBox venture, titled Kameo:Elements of Power, due for release sometime in 2003.

You can download both the promo and the Kameo movies by following the download tab above.

Kameo:Elements of Power

This highly inventive and atmospheric adventure, offers you the chance to join roving princess Kameo on her travels throughout the land and the unveiling of her inherited gifts in the wake of Dark King Thorn's return.
During the last Great Battle, Thorn sought to conquer the Fairy race in a bid to exert total control over the planet's wildlife, and would have succeeded but for an act of final desperate magic which saw him locked in stone along with three of the remaining four Fairies. Her sister and brothers' selfless sacrifice left only Theena, the Fairies' devoted Queen, and her unborn child to guard the curse on behalf of future generations.

Now, however, the release of familiar dark energies can mean only one thing: a curse which seemed unbreakable was not truly so, and Thorn is free to pick up his campaign where he left off so many years ago. Worse than that, he has turned the tables on his previous captors and now holds prisoner the three petrified Elemental Ancestors (as they have become known), draining their energies to produce an elite force of elemental mutant warriors.

And so Princess Kameo's life changes forever in a single day as Theena relates the whole story, ending in the revelation that her unique gifts must pass to Kameo in this time of need. As of now, only the Princess has the power to oppose Thorn. Only the Princess can revive her legendary aunt and uncles and enlist their help in overthrowing the Dark King - permanently.

Kameo's blossoming talent lies in the capture, development and control of the many and varied beasts that populate her homeworld. Like any skill, hers becomes more effective with practice and experience, and with your help Kameo will graduate from the control of baby monsters with limited skills to hugely powerful titans. Another twist, and another aspect of Kameo's power, lies in the fact that she can actually choose to transform into any of the creatures in her menagerie, depending on how close to the action she wishes to get.

Each creature, regardless of size and ability, falls into one of six elemental fields - Fire, Water, Wind, Plant, Ice and Rock - and each has a significant role in battle against Thorn's elementally-enhanced troops and in opening up further areas of Kameo's world for her to explore. Consequently it's always in Kameo's best interests to seek diversity in her collection, as dragon-with-attitude sidekick Meepo will be sure to remind her when he joins her on her travels. In fact, Meepo plays an essential role in the capture of those baby monsters that will mature into members of Kameo's bodyguard, so he's definitely worth keeping around...

Blending the heady thrills of exploration and puzzle-solving with the adrenaline rush of real-time 3D battles, Kameo: Elements of Power is an ambitious title with something for every gamer to love, and a debut of fitting quality for Rare on a brand new platform. Enter Kameo's breathtakingly beautiful world and join her voyage of discovery exclusively on Xbox in 2003.