Red Chocobo terrifies Final Fantasy XIV player base

Red Chocobo terrifies Final Fantasy XIV player base

Final Fantasy XIV has been up and running for over a decade, but players have never faced anything quite like the scarlet death machine that is, the Red Comet. Introduced with the Final Fantasy 14 patch 5.35 that came out earlier this week, the red chocobos can be found in the new Bozjan Southern Front, where players can fight against a variety of enemies to aid the resistance. One enemy above all others is slaying players and of all the things, it's a chocobo.

Despite these battles for the resistance featuring tens of players, this single red chocobo, known as the Red Comet, is slaughtering some of the games most experiences fighters, seemingly without difficulty. It's a bizarre sight considering the game features gargantuan monsters which prove barely an inconvenience for the super powered players that have been grinding away across tens of thousands of hours of play.

Red Comet is a challenge unlike any other. You can see it in action below — Skip to the 1:45 mark to jump right into the action.

The difficulty comes from the sheer number of area of effect attacks the chocobo has, constantly damaging the majority of those who get caught in its massive blasts. The healers in the above video do a sterling job of keeping people as upright as they can, and it's just barely enough to see them through to the finish.

This isn't the first time red chocobos have terrorized players. They've appeared in Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XIII, and in a number of other related games, as NovaCyrsytallis explains.

Here's hoping they don't show up in your next game of whatever you play.