Revive project update gets around some Oculus Home DRM

Revive project update gets around some Oculus Home DRM

It didn't take long for Oculus VR to jump on the Revive project, which made it possible to use an HTC Vive headset to play some of Oculus' exclusive games on its Home platform. Just last week it updated its services to block anyone from doing so, leaving a lot of Vive users sad that they can't appreciate the Rift games and many Oculus fans turned off by the exclusive-pushing practices of the company.

However in typical hacker fashion, the Revive project has already been updated to circumvent the new blocks, making it possible to play titles like Oculus Dreamdeck and most of the Oculus exclusive games built with the Unreal Engine with a Vive or other VR headset, besides the Oculus Rift.

The developers are now working on Unity compatibility, which would open up just about every other Rift exclusive to work on other VR headsets. No doubt Oculus in turn will try and block it again, but as long as it continues to try and wall off its games and experiences and there are other VR headsets out there, this tug of war will continue.

It's bizarre that Oculus doesn't just throw up a warning saying "this isn't how we intended you to play it," before a game when played on another headset. It's not going to win this war and it's harming its public persona in the process. As it still hasn't shipped a number of pre-orders, it looks foolish trying to stop people playing games it sells.

Considering Palmer Luckey said this would never happen too, his reputation is practically destroyed at this point.