Riot pledges to never make a LoL 2, will update forever

One of the things about games, is that they come and they go. The biggest release of a few years ago is almost forgotten in the glory of today's latest and greatest, but not so with Esports. With competitive gaming, you'll still find Starcraft is incredibly popular, so are games like Quake 3 or the original Counter Strike. They might not have the player numbers they once had, but they're still relevant and that's something Riot wants to foster (without the player drop off) with League of Legends.

In an interview with Polygon at E3, senior environment artist at Riot, Brent Critchfield, said: I want my great grand-children playing this game."

The plan going forward is to continue bringing out incremental patches, updates and refreshes, rather than a sequel. The current update being worked on will bring a massive aesthetic and gameplay overhaul to the Summoner's Rift, Riot's longest running map.

However just because Riot doesn't plan to make a sequel to League of Legends, doesn't mean it will stick to working on just the one game. Critchfield also hinted that that in the future the company may release another game or could even be working on one now, but he wouldn't be drawn on details.

That begs the question, if Riot did make another game, what do you guys think it would be? It capitalised on the success of the original DotA in making League of Legends, perhaps it could draw inspiration from another popular, but under represented genre?

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