Rogue Ops Gets Web Site

Rogue Ops Gets Web Site

Kemco has announced that the official web site for Rogue Ops is now available and has been updated to include a wide variety of information on the game.

The game features Nicola Conners, a highly trained government counter-terrorism operative who specializes in blending into any situation, any environment, anytime.
Her unsurpassed weapons expertise is secondary only to her skills and tools for concealment and her talent for accessing the inaccessible.
Two years of rigorous training bought Nikki a one-way ticket to trouble. Sources indicate that Omega 19, an international terrorist organization has more than extensive assets: They recently acquired Cold War-era weapons. No more drills. No more language studies. No more target practice. In this final exam any mistake has lethal consequences.

Features include:

Emphasis on stealth over direct confrontation. Unlike uninspired shoot-'em-up titles, mission success in Rogue Ops relies on undetected operations. Players can hide in the shadows, suspend from ceilings, seek refuge inside environmental objects like storage lockers or slide against walls to peer around corners.

Heightened enemy AI. When alerted, sentries and other computer-controlled characters investigate suspicious behavior and circumstances. Players must dispose of their victims to avoid detection. This element allows for creative approaches like setting traps involving blood trails, but also demands attention to detail when removing all traces of evidence.

Eight action-packed missions featuring challenging objectives. Engaging dialogue advances the plot through surprising twists and revelations.

Extensive arsenal. Nikki's weapons include pistol, taser, sniper rifle, dart gun, shuriken, smoke bomb, frag grenade, jamming grenade, remote mine and proximity mine. Depending on the circumstances, players must choose weapons that will not set off alarms or draw attention.

Cutting-edge spy tools. Field innovations include retina scanner, special vision, fly cam, thermal optical camouflage, adrenaline boost, communication system and grapple hook. Limited battery power on some devices helps balance game play and strategy.

Cinematically scored soundtrack. Dramatic music and realistic audio effects elevate the intensity of this amazing game experience.

Rogue Ops will be released for: Xbox, PS2 and GC on Q4, 2003. Follow the download tab above for the Rogue Ops web site link.