Round Two Goes to Kazaa

A Dutch appeals court overturned a November ruling which had placed restrictions on the use of Kazaa.
The Amsterdam Court of Justice, in the case between Kazaa and Dutch music rights organization Buma Stemra, decided that Kazaa was not liable for the misuse of its software by others.
Both the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America, claim that the use of such software poses a very serious threat to sales. It is almost certain that Buma Stemra will appeal further to the Dutch High Court.
It is already too late for Kazaa to enjoy this victory since following the November ruling Kazaa sold most of their assets to Australian company Sharman Networks.

Today's news will definitely help raise the spirits of the troubled Morpheus MusicCity as well, since they and Kazaa are also expecting a long legal confrontation with the music and movie industries in October.

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