Seven Samurai Ship Only for PS2

Sammy Studios announced that "Seven Samurai 20XX" is now available in retail outlets in the US. Released exclusively for Sony PlayStation 2, "Seven Samurai 20XX" is a fast-paced action game inspired by Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece "The Seven Samurai." The game takes the samurai epic's timeless tale of a courageous few standing up against evil and recreates it for the videogame generation.

As a proper homage to the original work, Seven Samurai 20XX has been a collaboration of artists, with character design by the renowned artist and sci-fi visualist Jean Moebius Giraud (Alien, The Fifth Element), opening and ending theme music composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto (The Last Emperor) and support from Kurosawa Production. Seven Samurai 20XX is rated T for Teen and will debut at USD 39.99.

Featuring intense melee combat, with a variety of attacks and the ability to string together massive combos, Seven Samurai 20XX is an action fan's dream. The action in the game is lightning fast and punctuated by breathtaking particle effects and dazzling special effects, such as temps mort (dead time) slow-motion attack. Seven Samurai 20XX also has a cast of more than 40 characters, a wide variety of usable weapons that can be collected from defeated bosses and entirely new modes of play and hidden secrets that can be unlocked in the game.
Players take on the role of the young ronin Natoe, a masterless samurai who comes to the defense of a group on the run from a murderous army. With two razor-sharp katana and an arsenal of samurai attacks, Natoe must fight his way through a massive futuristic city as he leads the group to an outlying village. There he and fellow warriors make their
stand to defend the villagers, becoming legend as the seven samurai who stood against an entire army.

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