ShadowGrounds Powered by Steam

ShadowGrounds Powered by Steam ShadowGrounds Powered by Steam

The latest title to be added to the, rapidly expanding, Steam arsenal is Meridian4's old-school-but-new-tech shooter, Shadowgrounds.

Making Shadowgrounds available to Steam's eight million gamers is a great opportunity to get the game out to a wider market, said Steven Milburn, Director of Marketing at Meridian4. Shadowgrounds' high-octane, addictive gameplay will be a good match with Steam's audience.

Shadowgrounds is an epic sci-fi game that blends addictive old school gameplay and modern technology into one big, nasty alien-battling carnage festival. The game is played from a top-down perspective that gives gamers a better view of the battlefield and allows tactical use of weapons - new tactics become useful as their arsenal is upgraded to even more destructive weapons.

Shadowgrounds will be available for online distribution through Steam in early May at an online price of USD 24.95.