Sony Patches PSP Downgrade Hole

Sony Patches PSP Downgrade Hole Sony Patches PSP Downgrade Hole

Sony has just released version 2.01 of its firmware for Japanese PSPs. Unlike its predecessors, this version does not come full of features and added functionality but is described by Sony as offering security updates.

It is clear that Sony has moved quickly to patch the downgrade hole exploited by PSP owners to downgrade to firmware 1.5 which allowed them to run homebrew applications on Sony's handheld.

Sony claims that the update will be ready and available soon for the U.S. and Europe though it is not clear yet why a PSP owner would be tempted to install firmware 2.01. It is possible that Sony may be moving fast in the background in order to ensure that new PSPs come pre-installed with the new version, although the Japanese giant may wait a few weeks before doing so; firmware 2.00 after all, was cracked fairly quickly.

Sony's major concern is not the homebrew scene which is probably helping the PSP as far as sales are concerned but the potential for PSP owners to run copied games for the handheld from CD images.

It was recently revealed that by causing their PSP to buffer overload users could rename the firmware to v. 1.00, causing the handheld to allow version 1.5 to be installed.

If you own a Japanese PSP and wish to upgrade its firmware follow the download tab above.